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Message from Charles Laurier

Dean of the Lakeland University Japan Campus

Dean Charles Laurier

Lakeland University Japan (LUJ) is pleased to welcome you to the Ninth Annual Conference on Global Higher Education (CGHE).

With the global COVID pandemic gradually receding into the past, the world is steadily regaining the momentum and confidence that was stalled three years ago. We in global higher education also find new challenges and opportunities in the post-Covid world, as we rededicate ourselves to preparing our students for a promising but unpredictable future.

The preceding eight Conferences on Global Higher Education have covered the entire array of interests and concerns facing higher education, and the ninth similarly offers a wide-ranging schedule of stimulating and intriguing subject matters.

With Japan now completely open to travelers, the ninth annual CGHE will welcome educators from all over the world, regaining its pre-pandemic global reach, as we are joined by presenters from 36 different institutions, including 13 from outside of Japan.

We look forward to another thought-provoking and rewarding day of presentations and discussions and extend a warm welcome and thanks to all participants who will doubtless make the ninth CGHE a memorable and enlightening experience.

Welcome to LUJ. Have a great day.

Charles Laurier
Lakeland University Japan Campus

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9th Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan

June 3, 2023

Information for Conference Attendees

Facilities for Conference Guests

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Conference Committee Chair

Roger Grabowski, Jr.

Abstract Reviewers

David Learoyd
Iskra Gencheva
Roger Grabowski, Jr.
Charles Laurier

Patrick Parr
Ruth Lionberger
Adam Tompkins
Shey Weaver


Luis Poza
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If you are interested in joining the steering committee or reviewing abstracts for the 2024 Conference on Global Higher Education, please contact us at

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