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2015 Schedule

The Second Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland College Japan
Panel No. Time/Room Panel Title Presenters Affiliation Paper Title
  From 9:00
LCJ 1st Floor
LCJ 1st Floor
Opening Remarks  
1-A 9:50-11:05
SGC 1 & 2
International Student Support Brian Masshardt Musashi University Orientating with Purpose: Initiating Discovery, Investigation, and Growth in Global Students
1-A 9:50-11:05 International Student Support Regan Tyndall Asia University
Freshman International Students' English Study at a Japanese University
1-A 9:50-11:05 International Student Support Kevin Watson University of the Ryukyus Teaching Culture in an Integrated Assessment Context
1-B 9:50-11:05
Welcoming Diversity Michael C. Boyce Aichi University Harnessing the Power of Conflict: Easy guidelines for the use of constructive controversy in the classroom
1-B 9:50-11:05 Welcoming Diversity Carl Gabrielson Lakeland College Japan Campus LGBT Support in Japanese Higher Education
1-B 9:50-11:05 Welcoming Diversity Roger Grabowski, Jr. Lakeland College Japan Presenting Across Disciplines and Specialties
1-C 9:50-11:05
The Global Classroom Mika Shimura Gakushuin University Influences of Relationships in Class on Japanese University Students' Presentations
1-C 9:50-11:05 The Global Classroom Luis Poza Lakeland College Japan Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Academic Dishonesty
1-C 9:50-11:05 The Global Classroom Derek DiMatteo Indiana University, Bloomington Transnational Education and the Figure of the Returnee
Special Session A 11:20-12:20
Workshop Leah Solmerin Corpuz University of the Cordilleras, Philippines Strategies Promoting Active Class Engagement (SPACE)
Special Session B 11:20-12:20
LCJ 5th Floor
Workshop Anna Husson Isozaki Gunma Women's University Critical Media Literacy: Media Competence and Global Learner Empowerment by Building Strategies and Skills for Engagement
Special Session C 11:20-12:20
Discussion Lajos Brons Lakeland College Japan & Nihon University What Is Global Education Good for?
  12:20-13:35 Lunch  
2-A 13:35-14:50
SGC 1 & 2
Emerging Programs Akira Kuwamura Aichi Prefectural University Update on International Higher Education Policy in Japan: A Glance at MEXT's 2015 Budget for IHE
2-A 13:35-14:50 Emerging Programs Carmen Sapunaru Tamas Okayama University "Super Global Universities" and the International Baccalaureate: a Two-Way Road towards a Multilingual, Multicultural Society
2-A 13:35-14:50 Emerging Programs Maria Guajardo Soka University Leadership to Advance Global Higher Education
2-B 13:35-14:50
Language and Global Education Lisa Friedli NUCB Global Competency and Higher Education's Challenge to Prepare Japanese Students
2-B 13:35-14:50 Language and Global Education Leigh Bennett AIU An Investigation of Japanese Students' Perception of Critical Thinking in Academic Writing
2-B 13:35-14:50 Language and Global Education Andrew J. Lawson NIC International College in Japan English as the Global Language - Linguistic Imperialism?
2-C 13:35-14:50
Engaging with the Community Gregory King & Patrick Maher Chubu University Strengthening Cross-Cultural Communication in International Service-Learning Projects
2-C 13:35-14:50 Engaging with the Community Iskra Gencheva Lakeland College Not For Sale: Vox Humana in the Market "Wonderland"
2-C 13:35-14:50 Engaging with the Community Beryl Hawkins & Barry Natusch Nihon University, College of Economics Museums as Facilitators of Transnational Cross-cultural Understanding
SGC 1 & 2
Student Symposium  
3-A 16:15-17:55
SGC 1 & 2
Institutional Concerns Anthony L Fenton & Stephen Jennings University of New England; Tokyo University of Science Internationalisation and Quality Assurance Vulnerabilities in Higher Education: Building Awareness
3-A 16:15-17:55 Institutional Concerns Gregory Poole Doshisha University, The Institute for the Liberal Arts Administrative Practices as Institutional Identity: Local Impediments to the Globalization of HEIs
3-A 16:15-17:55 Institutional Concerns Annette Bradford Meiji University Implementation Challenges facing English-taught Degree Programs in Japanese Universities
3-A 16:15-17:55 Institutional Concerns Howard Brown University of Niigata Prefecture Towards Best Practices for EMI in Japan
3-B 16:15-17:55
Global Education in the Information Age Peter Hourdequin Tokoha University (Japan) / Lancaster University (U.K.) Changing Discourses of Social Practice: Foreign Language Literacy and Digital Mediation in Japanese Higher Education
3-B 16:15-17:55 Global Education in the Information Age Jonathan Derr Lakeland College Japan Using Blended Learning Techniques in the Global Classroom
3-B 16:15-17:55 Global Education in the Information Age Mikhail Kotykhov Lakeland College Japan Using Online Discussion As a Learning Tool
3-B 16:15-17:55 Global Education in the Information Age Paul Horness & John Charles Atomi University Using Winsteps in Developing Tests.
3-C 16:15-17:55
Questions of Culture Mario Leto University of Tsukuba Short Fiction and Cross-Cultural Explorations in the Works of Lapcharoensap, Bezmozgis, and Li
3-C 16:15-17:55 Questions of Culture Robert J. Lowe & Matthew W. Turner Tokyo Kasei University Promoting Intercultural Competence by Reducing Target Culture Bias: A Critical Course Assessment
3-C 16:15-17:55 Questions of Culture Ms. Valerie Hansford Soka University Cultural Awareness: A New Understanding for Globalization
3-C 16:15-17:55 Questions of Culture John Rucynski, Jr. Okayama University Think Global, Start Local: Focusing on Japanese Culture in English Language Classes
3-D 16:15-17:55
Studying Abroad Vincent Petrin   University Freshman Study Abroad Goals and "International Actualization"
3-D 16:15-17:55 Studying Abroad Anthonette Andrea Gibson Lakeland College Japan Are Our Students Ready for the World? Global Health Literacy in Japanese Higher Education
3-D 16:15-17:55 Studying Abroad Hiroshi Moritani, Craig Manning and Stephen Henneberry University of Shimane A Preliminary Investigation of L2 Learning Motivation in Relation to Short-Term Study Abroad Programs
3-D 16:15-17:55 Studying Abroad Robert Aspinall Shiga University Managing the Risks of Study Abroad Programmes in Japan and the West
LCJ 1st Floor
Closing Remarks  
  From 18:45
Il Piccione
Il Piccione