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2016 Schedule

The Third Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland College Japan
Panel No. Time/Room Panel Title Presenters Affiliation Paper Title
  From 9:00
LCJ 1st Floor
LCJ 1st Floor
Opening Remarks Greeting by Dr. Kazuko Hirota, President of NIC International College in Japan and Board Member of Lakeland College Japan
1A 9:50-11:10
SGC 1 & 2
Perspectives on Culture Carmen Sapunaru Tamas Kobe University Aristocrats, Communism and Everything After: Historical and Social Models of Learning
Robert J. Lowe Tokyo Kasei University Finding the Connections Between Native-speakerism and Authenticity
John Rucynski, Jr. Okayama University "You Speak Japanese Very Well!": Conversation Starter or Microaggression?
1B 9:50-11:10
Internationalization of the Japanese University Wayne Malcolm University of Fukui Training the Future and Meeting Challenges Through a Systems Approach
Robin Sakamoto Kyorin University A Japanese Research Agenda for Adapting to Changes in Internationalizing Higher Education
David A. Gann Tokyo University of Science Critical Thinking Skills Instruction through Deception
1C 9:50-11:10
The Classroom: From Theory into Practice Wade Carlton Lakeland College Japan Dialogue Journals: Developing the Ability of Our Global Citizens to Think and Write Freely
Jonathan Derr Lakeland College Japan Using Debate in the Low to Intermediate Level ESP Classroom
John Blake Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Developing statistical literacy through textual analysis
2A 11:25-12:45
SGC 1 & 2
Welcoming Diversity Brian David Berry University of Tokyo The Globalizing Voice of Graduate Students at a Japanese University ETP
Brett R. Walter Hiroshima University Elementary Teacher Education: Adapting for a Multicultural Workplace
Christopher G. Haswell Kyushu University Viewing International Student TAs as a Valuable Resource
2B 11:25-12:45
Fostering Active Learning Andrew J. Lawson NIC International College in Japan Choose Your Own Motivation
Guy Cihi Lexxica R&D Gamification - The Future of Education?
Valerie Hansford Soka University Effective Use of Active Learning in Global Higher Education
2C 11:25-12:45
Embracing Technology Anderson Passos Miyazaki International College A case study of e-Portfolio implementation in and out of the classroom
Debra J Occhi Miyazaki International College Benefits and challenges in the campus-wide introduction of an e-portfolio system: a PDCA-based analysis of the first year
Harunori Miyagi Soka University Global Competency through E-Portfolios
2D 11:25-12:45
Curriculum Changes and Challenges John Nevara Kagoshima University The Impact of Globalization on Japanese Higher Education
Laura MacGregor Gakushuin University What is this thing called CLIL?
Anthony Fenton & Stephen Jennings Tokyo University of Science Internationalisation, quality assurance, and curriculum change at an elite Japanese private university: Confounding complexities
  12:20-13:35 Lunch  
3A 1:55-3:15
SGC 1 & 2
Studying Abroad Sylvain Bergeron Gunma University Closing the Circle: A Proposal to Redefine the Meaning and Understanding of Quality of Education within the Sphere of International Education
Antonija Cavcic Asia University Addressing "Anshin Anzen" Anxiety: Tackling Issues in Studying Abroad in an Age of Insecurity
Howard Brown University of Niigata Prefecture The Internationalization of Higher Education in Japan: An Historical Perspective on the Process of Innovation
3B 1:55-3:15
The Global Classroom Luke Lawrence Yokohama City University Re-assessing translation skills for the global age
Sachie Banks Bunkyo University Global Perspectives through Joint Presentations of Japanese and International Students
Sarah Sanderson International Christian University Teaching for Global Citizenship: Understanding and using the Global Peace Index (GPI) in the higher education classroom as a tool for critical thinking and international awareness
3C 1:55-3:15
Questions of Culture Mario Leto, Michael Tasseron Meiji University, University of Tsukuba Beauty and the beast: Japanese student ideologies and perspectives on Ariana Miyamoto and mixed race heritage in Japan
Michael Hollenback Konan University Critically Evaluating Cultural Content in EFL Materials
Kevin Watson University of the Ryukyus Teaching Culture in an Integrated Assessment Context
3D 1:55-3:15
Beyond the Classroom Adam Tompkins Lakeland College Japan The "Struggle" Within: Using Public History and Community Outreach to Empower Students
Anthonette Gibson Lakeland College Japan Work! Work! Work!- Exploring the Relationship between Changing Economic Social Conditions and the Life Course Decisions of Japanese and Non-Japanese Private University Students.
Rumiko Nakano Search for Ways to Help Enhance Students' Wellbeing in HE - from the viewpoint of preventive medicine in confronting challenges
SGC 1 & 2
Student Symposium  
4A 4:35-5:55
SGC 1 & 2
Student Motivation and Self-Efficacy Todd Leroux Temple University Self-efficacy & Reading Speed: Think Global, Act Local
4B 4:35-5:55
Instituational Challenges Matthias Hennings Hitotsubashi University&Saitama University Promoting Global Human Capital in Japanese Higher Education - A Case Study on Special Programs for International and Japanese Students
Eugenie Tiu Osaka University An Overview of the Current State of International Branch Campuses in Singapore and Japan
4C 4:35-5:55
The Changing University Charles Laurier and Michael Bell Lakeland College Measuring Student Information Literacy in an International Two-Year Academic Program
Vincent Petrin Sophia University The Academic - Professional Skills Test (APS) for the CLIL Classroom: An Integrated Genre-based (ESP) Framework for Assessing University (L2) Learners
Varun Khanna Department of Human Sciences, Osaka University International faculty: Experiences of academic life at universities in Japan
4D 4:35-5:55
New Strategies for Teaching Frederick Bacala Yokohama City University Content-Based Learning: Japanese Culture in English
Keith Lane Wenzhou Kean University, China Team Authored In-Class Student Compositions
Michael Short Lakeland College "Word-Scape", the vocabulary building app, its in-class use, and the results of a small field trial.
LCJ 1st Floor
Closing Remarks Closing Remarks by Dr. Alan Brender, Dean of Lakeland College Japan
  From 6:45
Il Piccione
Il Piccione