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2018 Schedule

The Fifth Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan
Panel No. Time/Room Panel Title Presenters Affiliation Paper Title
  From 9:00
LUJ 1st Floor
LUJ 1st Floor
Opening Remarks Greeting by Dr. Alan Brender, Dean of Lakeland University Japan
1A 9:50-11:10
Utilizing Technology Gareth Price Asia University Improving Learner Collocation through Corpus-Based Exercises
Jiwak Raj Bajracharya International Christian University Technology Integration in Higher Education: 3Os
Kelly Hansen Okayama University Reconstructing the Haiku of Basho after 3/11
1B 9:50-11:10
Kaigai: Beyond Japan Laura MacGregor Gakushuin University EMI in Italy
Paul Freeborn Ritsumeikan University THT Nepal: Learning from Each Other
Randall W. Bollig Konan University / Konan Women's University / Kobe College Global Topics - Global Experience
1C 9:50-11:10
In the Classroom Dr. Brett R. Walter Hiroshima University Bringing Critical Thinking to the Language Classroom
Michael Hollenback Konan University Three the Hard Way: Combining CLIL, Genre Writing, and Global Citizenship Education
Theo Slogar Ryukoku University, Graduate School of Intercultural Communication Exploring Internationalization at a Global Studies Department. Results from a pilot study.
2A 11:25-12:45
Culture and Leadership Estela Hitomi Sato Shiratori, Mika Takahashi, Mika Yoshida, and Patrícia Yukari Hirano Soka University Humanistic Education and Ethical Leadership
Maria Guajardo Soka University Authentic Leadership and Developing Self-Reflection
Michael C. Boyce Aichi University Exclusion in the academy: Is inclusion driving polarization?
2B 11:25-12:45
Language, Linguistics, and Culture Frederick Bacala Yokohama City University Culture and Cultural Interference in Second Language Learning
Anna Lelenkova St.Petersburg State University, Russia Teaching a Foreign Language as an Important Mean of International Collaboration on the Example of the Japanese Language
Robert J. Lowe and Luke Lawrence Tokyo Kasei University, Yokohama City University Duoethnographic research in applied linguistics and language teaching
2C 11:25-12:45
The Japanese University James P. Lassegard Hosei University Collaborative Intercultural Learning in International Higher Education
Joshua John Jodoin Kyoto University Evaluating the role Environmental Content found in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Materials in Japanese Higher Education Play in Creating Global Citizens
Monir Hossain Moni Asia Pacific Institute for Global Studies (APIGS) Higher Education as a Gimmick of Soft Power: Japanese Universities Compared to Major English-Speaking Universities Worldwide
3A 1:55-3:15
Institutional Challenges Christopher G. Haswell Kyushu University Implementing an effective teaching assistant program using international students
Kathryn Mabe Asia University Helping Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the EFL classroom
Mary Hillis Kwansei Gakuin University Learning through tutoring: International students' experiences from the writing center
3B 1:55-3:15
Education Policies Patrick Shorb Akita International University “From ‘Assessment for Excellence’ to ‘Teaching Excellence Frameworks:’ Evaluating Higher Education Learning in the U.S., U.K., and Beyond, 1990-2018.”
Tim Newfields Toyo University An Information Theory Perspective on Study Abroad: Case Studies from Taiwan & Japan
Yu-Hsuan Lin Nanhua University Pursuing Teaching Excellence or Fallacy? Institutional Ethnography of Performance Management in Higher Education Reform in Taiwan
3C 1:55-3:15
Research on Culture Chika Kitano and Elisabeth Morinaga Williams Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences Critical Reflections on Interviewer Positionality
Erica Kawabata, Yuka Kato, En Ling Chow, and Makoto Kamata Soka University Global Higher Education and the Value of Happiness
Laurel Lee Soka University/Soka University of America Leadership Identity Development in College Aged Females: A Student Perspective
LUJ 2nd Floor
Student Symposium
4A 4:35-5:55
Global Citizenship Ashima Mehra and Masayoshi Ishino Tokyo Soka Senior High School Cultivating Global Competency through a Language Arts curriculum: A case study of Tokyo Soka Senior High School
Emiliano Bosio Yokohama City University & University College London - Institute of Education Global Citizenship Education and Global Value-creators Faculties.The Age of Social Contribution, Civic Commitment and Global Disposition.
Junior Menezes Soka University/Soka University of America Educational Leadership in Brazil: Resonant Leadership and Adaptive Leadership for Social Change
4B 4:35-5:55
Study Abroad Micky A. Babalola, Brett R. Walter, and Aaron C. Sponseller Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University Global Education: The Role of Content-Based Learning/Instruction in Preparing Students for Study Abroad Program (s)
Wayne Malcolm University of Fukui Creating Globally Competent Human Resources - Findings from a Qualitative Case Study
4C 4:35-5:55
New Strategies for Teaching Kevin C. Browne Yamanashi Prefectural University Applying language testing methodology to pronunciation pedagogy
Steven Bohme Hoshi University Motivating Students to Increase Classroom Participation through Augmented Assessment
LUJ 1st Floor
Closing Remarks Closing Remarks by Paul Snowden of Kyorin University.
Hatakeno From 6:30
Hatakeno Kuriya Zenmaru Restaurant
Reception Hatakeno Kuriya Zenmaru is on the 7th Floor of the Frente Shinjuku-sanchome Bldg., across from Isetan (Google Maps)