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2019 Schedule

The Sixth Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan
Panel No. Time/Room Panel Title Presenters Affiliation Paper Title
  From 9:15
LUJ 1st Floor
  To 9:55
LUJ 1st Floor
Opening Remarks Greeting by Dr. Alan Brender, Dean of Lakeland University Japan
1A 10:15-11:35
The Classroom: New MethodsAdam Tompkins Lakeland University Japan Playing Politics: Using Detroit: Become Human to Teach Concepts in Government and Civic Engagement
Todd Leroux Hakuoh University Authentic Material Use in the EFL Classroom: Movies and TV Shows
Steven Bohme Keio University Globalizing the classroom through active learning
1B 10:15-11:35
Introducing New ProgramsChristopher G. Haswell, Aaron Hahn Kyushu University, Fukuoka University Modeling motion within and between linguistic realms
Kelly Hansen Kumamoto University Globalisation in Japanese education across the modern period
Holly Woolbright Lakeland University Japan Educating University Students about Global Citizenship
1C 10:15-11:35
The Global ClassroomJoshua John Jodoin Kyoto University How to Promote Environmental Literacy Using Education for Sustainable Development: A Case Study
Mario Leto Meiji University Ecolinguistics: Ethical Directions in Higher Education
Estela Shiratori Leadership Education to Foster Youth Development for Social Change
2A 11:45-1:05
Global Leadership and ComptetenceWayne Malcolm Fukui University of Technology Global Competence from the Student Perspective
Emiliano Bosio Yokohama City University, University College London An Explorative Analysis of UN SDG 4.7: What Can We Learn from University Faculty Members and Students Navigating Global Citizenship Education in Japan?
Dr. Maria Guajardo, Dr. Robert Stroud Soka University, Hosei University Leadership Education, Students, and a Global Context
2B 11:45-1:05
Curriculum Changes and ChallengesJasmin Rückert Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf Introducing European and East-Asian Perspectives on Queer Theory in the classroom
Brett R. Walter Hiroshima University Teaching English Communication…Communication?
2C 11:45-1:05
EMI and CLILBrian Berry University of Tokyo Toward a Mixed Qualitative Method for Japanese Higher Education Research
Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo Osaka University, Kansai University The historical development of English medium degree and non-degree programs in Japanese higher education, and future directions
Howard Brown University of Niigata Prefecture Starting EMI in Japan: Keys for success in program planning
2D 11:45-1:05
The Classoom: Theory and PracticeJagon Chichon Asia University Teachers' perceptions of first language (L1) use in the second language (L2) classroom
Paul Snowden Professor, Kyorin University; Emeritus, Waseda University A Simple Mantra
Jeffrey McEntire Stereotyping and Post-Structural Analysis
3A 2:20-3:40
Studying AbroadDr. Jeremy Chambers, Sean Mitchell, Adam Littleton Temple University and College of Business and Communication LearnerAttitudes toward Autonomy at a Vocational School in Japan
Karin Keefe Temple University Japan EAP and After: Student Success at University
Joff P.N. Bradley Teikyo University Pluriliteracies, CLIL and global jinzai
3B 2:20-3:40
The Classroom: Reading and VocabDr. Douglas E. Forster & Dr. Joseph W. Poulshock Japan Women's University, Senshu University Immersing Students in English through Online Extensive Reading
Mark Feeley Lakeland University Japan Improving Academic Literacy
Christopher Tempest Sojo University Implementing Quizlet in a Japanese EFL University
3C 2:20-3:40
Program EvaluationFrancisco Naranjo Escobar Lakeland University Japan Accountability in Evaluation: how this aspect is crucial in evaluations and organizational levels
John Nevara Kagoshima University Creating a Better Learning Experience through Program Evaluation
3D 2:20-3:40
Meeting Specific Student Needs Mizuka Tsukamoto Meeting the Needs of Diverse Students
Alexandra Pellillo & Daniel Scharf Global Teaching Institute at Tokyo International University Students Helping Students: An Introduction to the TIU Peer Writing Center, PAW
Poster Sessions Kinsella Valies Prefectural University of Shizuoka Authentic Competency-based and Task-based Teaching and Assessment in Tertiary EFL in Japan
Cintia Kiyomi Shiratori, Hanami Ishihara, Luiza Harumi Ishizaki, Mirai Kudo Soka University Global Higher Education and the Emergence of Leadership in University Students
Dr. Annette Bradford Meiji University The internationalized university classroom: student diversity, well-being and global citizenship
Huw Davies & Rob Stevenson Kanda University of International Studies Using MOOCs in class to meet students' needs and motivations
Alesse Nunes Soka University The Impact of Dialogical Cosmopolitanism in the SDGs Era, A Case Study of Global Citizenship Program, SUJ
4A 4:30-5:50
Attitudes about GlobalizationAna Sofia Hofmeyr Osaka University, Kansai University Rethinking global competency attitudes, knowledge and skills in the quest for globally competent human resources in Japan
Dr. Bonnie Canziani University of North Carolina Greensboro Global Competence through Personalization and Comparative Reflections
Theo Slogar Ryukoku University, Graduate School of Intercultural Communication Internationalizing or happily “performing” internationalization? A critical exploration of internationalization narratives in Japanese universities, with particular attention to international students’ voices
4B 4:30-5:50
Teaching and PlanningDr Barbara Tam How Global Factors Affect the Development of Teaching Skills for New Academics in One University in Hong Kong
Aaron Hahn Fukuoka University Power, autonomy, and student-centered learning: Investigations from a corpus of published lesson plans
Gavan Patrick Gray Tsuda University Student-oriented Curriculum Design: Practical Goals in EFL
4C 4:30-5:50
The Classroom: Listening and SpeakingMichael Crawford, Jack Hayford, Andy Lawson Dokkyo University, NIC International College in Japan, NIC International College in Japan Reevaluating How We Teach Notetaking
Brendan Garland Asia University Coming Out of Their Shells: Effective Techniques for Promoting Oral Participation in Japanese EFL Classes
LUJ 1st Floor
Closing Remarks Closing Remarks will be made by Prof. Paul Snowden.
Trattoria da Luigi From 6:45
Trattoria da Luigi Restaurant
Reception Trattoria da Luigi is on the B1 Floor of the Shinjuku Eastside Square, with direct access to Higashi-Shinjuku Station on the Fukutoshin and Oedo Lines. (Access)