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2021 Schedule

The Seventh Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan
Panel No. Time Panel Title Presenters Affiliation Paper Title
  9:30 Opening Remarks Greeting by Dr. Alan Brender, Dean of Lakeland University Japan
1A 9:50-11:15 New Strategies Michael G. Watts Doctoral student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The perception of education abroad from students with cerebral palsy: A call for qualitative study
Todd Beuckens Todd Beuckens, APU Ritsumeikan Rethinking Textbooks
Dr Karen A.L. Guerrero and Dr Margarita Jimenez-Silva Arizona State University, University of California Davis Effective strategies used in higher learning to ensure maximum engagement for all students: Debate Tweets, Speed Dating, Movie Night, and Mini-Conference.
1B 9:50-11:15 The Japanese University (AM) Brian Berry Brian Berry; Chiba University of Commerce On the Methodological Imperatives of Qualitative Research at Japanese Universities: Challenges of qualitative research from within institutions
Francisco Naranjo   The internationalization of Japanese higher education through language teaching
Igeta Yantoda, Yoshiki Nemoto, Takumi Sampei, Yusuke Sato   Students initiatives to address uncertain futures: A case study of a private university of Japan
1C 9:50-11:15 Home and Abroad Richard Lee, Dustin Kidd Richard Lee, Associate Professor, Kurume Institute of Technology, Kurume City, Fukuoka.; Dustin Kidd, Associate Professor, University of Shimane Junior College, Matsue City, Shimane. Helping Students Face the Uncertainties of Study Abroad
Dr. Ana Sofia Hofmeyr Lecturer, Kansai University Internationalisation-at-Home in Japan: Fostering Interculturally Competent Domestic Students?
Dr. Annette Bradford Dr. Howard Brown Dr. Shingo Hanada Annette Bradford, Temple University Japan Howard Brown, The University of Niigata Prefecture Shingo Hanada, Toyo University Learning and Career Outcomes of International Programs
2A 11:30-12:55 Student Autonomy Alec Rosenblit Kanda Gaigo Gakuin Skepticism in the Post-Truth Era
Michael Agyemang Adarkwah Michael Agyemang Adarkwah, Southwest University Perceptions of the Effect of an EAP Course on English Self efficacy and English Proficiency: Voices of International Students in China
2B 11:30-12:55 Gaigai: Beyond Japan Theo Šlogar Ryukoku University Internationalization between East and West: analyzing major trends in Japan and Wales
Dr. Richard Savior Associate Professor, State University of New York Effective Cross Cultural Leadership Practice
Oluwasegun Adesola Oladipo Peking University Recruitment Strategy and Mobility of International Students: A Chinese Case Study
A 2:10-3:20 Workshops Wayne Malcolm, Ed.D. Wayne Malcolm, Fukui University of Technology “Global Competence: Definitions and Resources for the Classroom”
B Dr. Maria Guajardo Soka University, Japan Fostering a Global Mindset for an Uncertain Future
C Dr. Jeremy S. Chambers Temple University Teaching the Why of English Oral and Aural Skills
3A 3:35-5:00 Globalization and Culture Dr. Joshua John Jodoin, Harika Basak Bilici Dr. Joshua John Jodoin, Konan University; Harika Basak Bilici, Kwansei Gakuin University Language Education for Sustainable Development (LESD): A Best-Practice Guide in the Language Classroom
Fern Sakamoto Nagoya University of Foreign Studies What the heck is gurobaru jinzai anyway?
Sara Van Dan Acker, MA, PhD Student University of British Columbia, Department of Language and Literacy Education "They're not even saavy enough to understand": Generation 1.5 students in a writing across the curriculum course
3B 3:35-5:00 Professional Development and Teaching Dr. Frederick Bacala Yokohama City University Curriculum and Cultural Interference on Language Learning, Teacher Acknowledgement, and Adaptation
Mizuka Tsukamoto   Teachers, their beliefs and their classrooms
John Peloghitis and Guy Smith International Christian University and International Christian University Mitigating Cognitive Biases in a Critical Thinking Program
3C 3:35-5:00 The Japanese University (PM) Christopher G. Haswell
Aaron Hahn
Kevin C. Browne
Christopher G. Haswell, Kyushu University; Aaron Hahn, Kyushu University; Kevin C. Browne, Yamanashi Prefectural University Teaching and Testing Intercultural Communication Competencies Using a Global Model
Mark Birtles Mark Birtles, Hosei University The Changing Use of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) in Japanese English-Medium Instruction (EMI) Programmes
Ivar Padrón-Hernández Hitotsubashi University Japanese business school rankings: Rivalry or a case of apples and oranges?
  5:10 Closing Remarks Closing Remarks will be made by Paul Snowden, Emeritus Professor, Waseda University.