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2022 Schedule

The Eighth Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan
Panel No. Time Panel Title Presenters Affiliation Paper Title
  9:45 Opening Remarks Greeting by Dr. Alan Brender, Dean of Lakeland University Japan • 6th Floor Conference Center
Room 512
10:10 ~ 11:35 Questions of Culture and Internationalization Saeko Ozawa Ujiie Lakeland Univeristy Japan Language Issues in Japanese Business: Using English as a Business Lingua Franca
Dr. Frederick Bacala Yokohama City University Classroom Teaching Methods and Cultural Interference
Algirdas Paskevicius Chiba University Perception of Brands and Logos of Japanese Companies by Japanese and International Students
Room 417
10:10 ~ 11:35 COVID-era Challenges Kelly Hansen Kumamoto University Mapping cultural landscapes through digital resources
John Rucynski Okayama University To joke or not to joke: Contrasting views of humor in online English language classes
Dr. Sarah Louisa Birchley Dr. Faculty of Business Administration, Toyo Gakuen University Constructing Identity as a Transformational Leader Through Crisis: An Autoethnography
1Z (Zoom)
Room 510
Media Center
10:10 ~ 11:35 Focus on the Student Dr. Matthias Hennings Kwansei Gakuin University, Center for International Education and Cooperation Developing High Quality COIL courses to foster 21st century skills among students
Dr. Max Praver, Dr. Ian Roth Max Praver, Meijo University; Ian Roth, Meijo University Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep: The Knowledge and Practices of Japanese University Students
Soyol-Erdene Sanjaa, Bolormaa Batsuuri Mongolian National University of Education “Current Issues in TESOL, Mongolia: Student Learner Autonomy: The Mongolian Example”
Room 512
11:45 ~ 1:10 Curriculum and Pedagogy Guy Smith, John Peloghitis Guy Smith, International Christian University; John Peloghitis, International Christian University Fun Activities to Inspire Students into Thinking More About How They Think
Pat Glynn Lakeland University Addressing Cultural Bias in Music Education: Teaching music from a “global” perspective.
Room 417
11:45 ~ 1:10 Studying Abroad Debra J Occhi, Anderson P Passos, Nicolas Morales, Kseniya Gregory, Flannery Norton, and Miriam Hutchins Debra J Occhi and Anderson P Passos, Miyazaki International College Nicolas Morales and Kseniya Gregory, California State University, San Marcos Flannery Norton and Miriam Hutchins, Sonoma State University Online Study Abroad: Fostering Intercultural Awareness in the COVID-19 era
Nerys Rees Rikkyo University The "300,000 International Student Plan": Disruption of the entry ban on inbound student mobility
Room 514
11:45 ~ 1:10 Research and Professional Development Colin Mitchell, Alessandro Grimaldi Reitaku University Improved Well-Being in University Language Teachers Through Coaching Psychology
Christopher G. Haswell, Jonathan Shachter Kyushu University, Kyushu Sangyo University Using alternative methods of research to investigate psychology-related journal articles
Dr. Aaron Hahn, Dr. Christopher Haswell Dr. Aaron Hahn, Kyushu University; Dr. Christopher Haswell, Kyushu University The evolution of discipline-specific terminology in World Englishes-related journals
2Z (Zoom)
Room 510
Media Center
11:45 ~ 1:10 Questions of Culture and Internationalization Kaveri Moitra Soka University Japan Promoting Climate Activism using Social and Emotional Learning Skills
Dr. Pramila Neupane Gunma University Content and Language Integrated Learning through International Exchange
  1:10 ~ 2:40 Break
Room 512
2:40 ~ 4:05 Reflecting on the Pandemic Ruth Vanbaelen and Niklai Gergely Ruth Vanbaelen, University of Tsukuba; Niklai Gergely, Meikei High School Online Intercultural Exchange during a Pandemic
Dr. Antonija Cavcic The University of Shiga Prefecture A chance and a challenge: Students’ reflections on online study abroad experiences
Dr. Maria Guajardo Soka University Transformation through Disruption: Learning Spaces of Belonging, Relevance, and Purpose
Room 417
2:40 ~ 4:05 Faculty at the Japanese University Howard Brown The University of Niigata Prefecture Tracking Employment Trends in EMI Programs in Japan (2002 -2021)
Mizuka Tsukamoto Research on Teachers in HEI, Why?
Futao Huang Hiroshima University Job Satisfaction of International Faculty at Japan’s Universities
3X (Zoom)
Room 514
2:40 ~ 4:05 Beyond Japan Michael Agyemang Adarkwah Faculty of Education, Southwest University Blended Learning for the “Multi-Track” Undergraduate Students in Ghana in a Pandemic Crisis
Nwigwe Esther Onyinye Southwest University The relationship between soft skills, extracurricular activities, and satisfaction- perceptions of overseas students studying in Chinese universities
Toukir Ahmed Chowdhury, Md. Arif Arman Akash, Mohammad Mushfiqul Islam, Wasiq Ameen Toukir Ahmed Chowdhury, Shabash Fakibaj™ LLC; Md. Arif Arman Akash, Shabash Fakibaj™ LLC; Mohammad Mushfiqul Islam, Shabash Fakibaj™ LLC; Wasiq Ameen, Shabash Fakibaj™ LLC Latest Trend of Graduate Study Abroad: Bangladesh Perspective
3Z (Zoom)
Room 510
Media Center
2:40 ~ 4:05 COVID-era Challenges Beverley Curran International Christian University (ICU) Adaptation to New Ways of Living and Learning: The Zeitgeist in intersemiotic translations
Karen Guerrero Dr. Karen Guerrero, Arizona State University; Dr. Margarita Jimenez-Silva, University of California, Davis Investing in culturally sustaining pedagogies through changing modalities: Using strategies to engage diverse students in post pandemic college classrooms
Dr. Igor Prusa Ambis College Prague The Power of Cuteness: Teaching Japanese Popular Culture via Kawaii Aesthetics
Room 512
4:15 ~ 5:40 In the Classroom Natasha Hashimoto, Ph.D. Tokyo Woman's Christian University Social-Emotional Learning in a First-Year University Classroom
Diksha Sood Soka University Arts-Based Peace Education in Refugee Settings- Holistic healing and learning in camps through participatory arts
Anna Husson Isozaki They Swung the Bootstrap: LUJ’s EAP Students, Strategic Multimodal Skill Building, and Fluency Gain
Room 417
4:15 ~ 5:40 The Japanese University Prof. Thomas French, Mr Yutaka Niino, Ms Erika Nakamura Ritsumeikan University Japan’s First Joint Undergraduate Degree – The Ritsumeikan – American University Partnership: A Model of Internationalisation in a Japanese Higher Education Institution
Mr. Akira Kuwamura Aichi Prefectural University The status quo of internationalization of higher education in Japan: Examining the recent MEXT report on the 300,000 international student plan
John Nevara Atomi University Where Our Reform Measures Should Be Reformed
4Z (Zoom)
Room 510
Media Center
4:15 ~ 5:40 Institutional Challenges Dr. Jonathan Marpaung Oklahoma State University Utilizing Data Analytics in Student Affairs: An Investigation into New Professionals' Perceived Readiness
Usama Kalim Southwest University Chongqing China Growing Usage of Learning Management System in Higher Education: Implications for Educational Leadership
Brian Berry Chiba University of Commerce Student Voice and Governance at a Top Japanese University
  5:50 Closing Remarks Closing Remarks will be made by Paul Snowden • 6th Floor Conference Center