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2023 Schedule

The Ninth Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan
Panel No. Time Panel Title Presenters Affiliation Paper Title
  9:45 Opening Remarks TBA
Room 512
10:10 ~ 11:35 Cross-Institutional Partnerships Julia Christmas University of Niigata Prefecture Making the Most of International School Partnerships and Boosting Student Mobility through Online Cooperation
Karen Guerrero Arizona State University Partnering Across Institutions: Sharing Expertise to Bring Global Education To Your Students
Dr. Zachary Pietrantoni & Dr. Szu-Yu Chen Dr. Zachary Pietrantoni, Florida International University; Dr. Szu-Yu Chen, Palo Alto University Strategies for Developing International Collaborations: Strengthening Teaching, Research, and Service Through Cross-Cultural Communication
Room 514
10:10 ~ 11:35 Curriculum and Pedagogy Ruth Vanbaelen University of Tsukuba Classrooms and Sustainability: A Student Perspective on Digital vs. Paper Class Materials
Lye Ke Yeng Soka University of Japan Fostering Autonomous Learning Through Faculty's Transformational Leadership Practices in Higher Education
Room 417
10:10 ~ 11:35 Asking Big Questions Dr Monir Hossain Moni Bangladesh Asia Institute for Global Studies (BAIGS) Why are Japan’s Universities Lagging So Far Behind Their International Peers?
Dr. Richard Savior State University of New York Does Mission Matter in Senior University Leadership Effectivity – A Study of Religious and Secular University Presidents
Dr Paul Snowden Lakeland University Japan A Critical Look
Room 512
11:45 ~ 1:10 Internationalization and Global Citizenship Fern Sakamoto Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Global Competence Development in Japan: A Delphi Study
Flore Ghetti; Asia Rebecca Tundo Flore Ghetti, Soka University Japan; Asia Rebecca Tundo, Soka University Japan Peace Education as Key to Reflect on the Past and Build towards the Future
Room 514
11:45 ~ 1:10 Focus on Student Writing Diletta Fabiani Waseda University What Brings Students to the Writing Center? A Study of Tutors as Writers at the Waseda Writing Center.
David Gann Tokyo University of Science The Effectiveness of Text Reconstruction Exercises in Teaching Metadiscourse Markers
Dr. Maria Guajardo Soka University Journaling as a Practice of Reflection and Engagement: Students as Change Agents
Room 417
11:45 ~ 1:10 Faculty and Professional Development Christopher G. Haswell & Jonathan Shachter Christopher G. Haswell, Kyushu University; Jonathan Shachter, Kyushu Sangyo University How experts view English Medium Interaction’s development: a podcast-related research narrative
Francisco Naranjo Lakeland University Japan Formative Assessment in Practice
Mizuka Tsukamoto EFL Instructors at Japanese HEIs… Who are they?
Room 419
11:45 ~ 1:10 Kaigai: Beyond Japan Dr Michael Agyemang Adarkwah & Allan Muganga Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, China Evaluating the Teaching ‘Fitness’ of Ghanian Teachers with Disabilities to Instruct Online in a Pandemic Era
Oluwasegun Oladipo Peking University Pursuit of capitals? Motivation of international students in double degree programs at a Chinese university
Dr. Sachi Edwards (she/her); Tulika Mehra (she/her) Sachi Edwards, Soka University; Tulika Mehra, Soka University The Global Rise of Ethno-Religious Nationalism: What Role and Responsibility Does Higher Education Have?
  1:10 ~ 2:40 Break
Room 512
2:40 ~ 4:05 Student Wellness and Specific Needs Mariia Ivanova Soka University Developing Mental Health Literacy and Erasing Stigma Through Dialogue and Empathy
Jessica McDonald Lakeland University Japan Teacher Preparedness in the Classroom to Provide an Inclusive Learning Environment that Caters to Mature-Aged Students Who Are Neurodivergent.
Mayumi Watabe Soka University Praxis of Transformative Conflict Learning in Intercultural Contexts
Room 514
2:40 ~ 4:05 CLIL and EMI Howard Brown University of Niigata Prefecture The Effect of English-medium Education on Students’ Post-graduation Career Prospects in Japan: Indications from Career Support Professionals
Kevin Garvey; Dr. Ana Sofia Hofmeyr Kevin Garvey, Rikkyo University; Dr Ana Sofia Hofmeyr, Kansai University Exploring Two Very Different Teaching Paths to Intercultural Competence
Dr. Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo Kwansei Gakuin University Integrating COIL into a CLIL course
Room 417
2:40 ~ 4:05 New Strategies for Teaching Sylvain Bergeron Gunma University Using Project-Based Learning for Community Building in the Post-Pandemic EFL Classroom
Joff P. N Bradley Teikyo University, Tokyo Bernard Stiegler and Language Learning in Japan
Peter Rillero Arizona State University Improving Teacher Knowledge, Abilities, and Confidence to Implement Garden-Based, Project-Based Learning
Room 419
2:40 ~ 4:05 International Students and Faculty Dr. Antonija Cavcic Toyo University Losing Steam: The demise of the “Japanese Dream” among Prospective International Students
Kyi Min Khant Sophia University Burmese Students in Japan: The Coup and Their Dilemmas
Sachi Edwards, Lauren Nakasato Sachi Edwards, Soka University; Lauren Nakasato, Waseda University Beyond Hegemonic Internationalization: Searching for Alternatives to Neoliberalism through Examples from Japan
Room 512
4:15 ~ 5:40 The Environment and Education Macson Almeida Soka University Evaluating Contemporary Environmental Education Initiatives Through a Transrational Peacebuilding Lens
Dr. Joshua Jodoin Kwansei Gakuin University The SCOPE of Challenges for University Education in Japan and a Powerful Antidote: LESD
Dr. Jing Lin University of Maryland, College Park Contemplative Education for the Future We Want to See: Transforming Higher Education Toward Love and Respect for People and Nature
Room 514
4:15 ~ 5:40 The Japanese University Thomas French, Scott Koga-Browes Thomas French, College of International Relations Ritsumeikan University; Scott Koga-Browes, College of International Relations Ritsumeikan University Building Beyond the Degree: Establishing Internationalised Student Support and Community Structures at a Japanese University
James Lassegard Hosei University The International Aspirations of Japanese University Students in a Post-Covid19 World
John Nevara Atomi University What’s So Special About Japanese Higher Education?
Room 417
4:15 ~ 5:40 Issues of Technology Dr. Chiung-chiuen Chen National Penghu University of Science and Technology Computer-assisted instruction: an activity-based course design for the improvement of EFL college students’ English proficiency
Richard Lee Kurume Institute of Technology Student Reactions to a Virtual Study Abroad ESP Program for AI Engineers
Jonathan Nahum Marpaung, PhD. Marcia Sun, MA. Jonathan Marpaung - University of Indonesia. Marcia Sun - Oklahoma State University.Cyber Security in Higher Education: Lesson Learned from Recent Cyber Attacks in Indonesia
  5:50 Closing Remarks TBA
  6:30 Reception Dinner Ryogoku Terrace Restaurant